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Poodle Kennel

Our Kennel


Niebieska Rapsodia is a small family dog breeding of pure-bred Poodles. Our kennel was established in 2004. Since 2017, we have been actively participating in dog shows, with many achievements.


In our kennel there are miniature poodles and standard poodle, all with excellent psychophysical conditions with documented pedigree and family lineage.


All our puppies have the ZKwP (Kennel Club in Poland) birth certificate with our kennel name, entitling them to issue a pedigree certificate.

We currently have 1 female black standard, 3 female miniatures red fawn and 1 stud dog miniature red fawn.


In the 2018 we had first litter in our kennel after JOLLY CHOCOLATE. We also welcomed a miniature male dog named Bugatti, who came to us from the Diamond Kennel. At the beginning of 2019 we welcomed the litter after EXCELLENT KALATEA.


Niebieska Rapsodia Dog Breeding is registered in ZKwP — Kennel Club in Poland, and FCI — Federation Cynologique Internationale.